Simple steps .. to choose comfortable and stylish clothes for your child


Children’s clothing has evolved as it does with all things that exist today
From the beginning, children’s clothing factories used color to separate the sexes. Especially in the old days when little boys looked like little girls.
In order for us to distinguish by the color of the clothes. Girls wore pink and little boys wore blue, just like in an era of bygone days.
There are a set of rules that a mother must follow while buying baby clothes, as she must make sure of them:
That the clothes do not contain any extra seams by seeing the clothes from the inside, that sewing is invisible and may scratch the child, and it is also necessary to stay away from narrow children’s clothes that are tied at the neck and arms, as it makes the child feel tight as it causes sensitivity to the skin,
And she must look at the type of fabric that those clothes are made of and buy fabrics that do not cause any sensitivity to the child’s skin, and everyone is advised to buy cotton clothes because their texture is soft on the child’s skin, and does not harm the child’s skin or pores.
There is no doubt that these tips apply to BB clothes in a weak way due to the sensitivity of their skin
Therefore, you should also pay more attention to it and thus take care of your child’s clothes through special detergents
As it needs a special detergent, although there are special powders available for children, you need soft powders on your child’s clothing fabrics.
Make sure to buy good detergents, even if they are a little expensive, in order not to harm your child’s clothes, and it is preferable to choose liquid detergents because they are more gentle on clothes.
In the end, the mother must choose elegant and comfortable clothes with cheerful colors in order for the child to appear attractive, and the mother must respect the child’s desire to wear a specific costume that he loves, if it is in line with his age and shape and does not impose a specific dress on him.
And beware of choosing clothes that do not fit his age or body size, as there are some mothers who make their children wear clothes similar to adult clothes, which may be completely inappropriate and cause some of them to ridicule.


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